• <p><strong>A Covenant with the Animals </strong>is an exhibition about animals in the world, and their situation today through the issues of extinction, protection and advocacy. The seven artists...
  • <p>Featuring artists Louise Byrne, Annabelle Collett, Cindy Durant, Robyn Finlay, Wayne Mcara, Deborah Prior, Patricia Rose, Sera Waters and Meg Wilson. Cu...
Exhibitions now showing
  A Covenant with the Animals, Beth Hatton, Lloma Mackenzie, Andrea Przygonski, Stephanie Radok, Fanny Retsek, Sandra Starkey Simon, Laura Wills.

2 Dec - 29 Jan, 2017
  Craft Anonymous, Louise Byrne, Annabelle Collett, Cindy Durant, Robyn Finlay, Wayne Mcara, Deborah Prior, Patricia Rose, Sera Waters, Meg Wilson

2 Dec - 29 Jan, 2017